About David Jameson

Hello, I’m David Jameson.

Welcome to My Website (paintfits.com)

I’m a professional painter, I’ve been working with paint and paint sprayers since I was 20 years old. Now I’m working with different types of paints, paint sprayers, and painting tools. As a professional painter, always I’m working with different types of paint and painting tools (I do house painting, wood painting, floor painting, DIY painting, and more). Also, always I’m trying & love to research different types of paint sprayers & paints.

I developed a passion for finding the extraordinary features in paint, paint sprayers, and painting tools. Last year(2020) I decided to make a blog where I can share all the tips & tricks about paint and painting to help people. In 2021 July, I’ve made my first blog to provide how-to’s, trips, tricks, and paint, painting tools, and paint sprayer reviews to make your buying experience much easier than ever.

As a professional painter, I’d love to spend my whole life researching & testing paint sprayers, paints, and painting products. However, I’d love to provide you new paint & paint sprayer review content, and how-to painting articles as well to help you out.

I hope, by following my tips, trick, Painting guide, and product review, you can easily select the high-quality paint sprayer, paint & other painting tools, and also, you’ll be able to paint your items easily.

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