How to Make Hot Pink Paint: Color Mixing Guide

So, you are trying to bring life out of a painting by integrating the magic hot pink, correct?

However, the thing is, not all of the paint sets are going to come with this color. For that reason, you would need to mix the other colors together to get this shade of pink in most cases.

How to Make Hot Pink Paint

That is why the question of how to make hot pink paint with other colors is so popular. Even though many might think that the process will be tricky and requires tons of different colors, the case is not really that.

Making hot pink is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is follow the proper steps, which is what this guide is!

What Colors Make Hot Pink Paint?

First thing first! We want to ensure that you have proper knowledge regarding the colors that make hot pink paint. In fact, you can obtain the shade of pink with just two colors! Yes, you read that right!

What Colors Make Hot Pink Paint

Now, you might be wondering which two colors are we actually talking about. They are white and red. And to give the paint a bit of depth, you would need to add a touch of violet or blue. That is it!

But the thing is, if you mix these colors in a random manner, you will not get the hot shade of pink. Instead, you might end up with regular pink.

And the correct procedure is what we are going to describe in our next segment. So, keep on reading!

How to Make Hot Pink Paint: Step by Step Guide

Not all artists work with acrylic paints. We even use water paint. Considering that, we decided to focus on both of the types of color in this segment. So, without further a due, let us get into describing the process.

How to Make Hot Pink Color Paint with Acrylic

These are the steps that you need to follow if you are working with acrylic paints:

Step 1: Choose the Right Shade of Red

To get hot pink, you need to start with red. But not just any shade of red; what you will need is permanent Alizarin crimson.

The other shade of red that is also going to work for this process is the Quinacridone red. And you want to stay clear of the dull shade of reds, such as brick red.

Spread the red color on top of the palette. Do not just go full in at first because you will need to do a bit of experimenting to get the desired shade of pink. So, drop only a tiny bit and spread it around with a palette knife.

Step 2: Pick the Right Shade of White

Just like the red, you need to pick a bright white. The one that we would recommend is titanium white. Also, the other bright shade of white, such as high reflective white and whitest white, will work for this case.

Drop the white paint right on top of the area where you have spread the red paint. However, do not drop a significant amount in the very beginning because that will mute or dilute the red color. As a result, you might end up with light pink instead of hot pink.

Instead, add a little bit and move along to the next step. You can always add more if required.

Step 3: Mix Both the Paints Together

Using the palette knife, mix both colors properly. If the mixture still seems reddish to you, add another drop of white paint to the mixture and mix again.

Remember, the darker the red paint you will use, the more white you need to add.

Step 4: Add a Pinch of Blue or Violet Color

After mixing the white and the red, you should end up with bright pink paint. Now, to convert it into hot pink, you need to add the final color.

And that final color would be violet or blue. If you plan to use violet, do not drop a whole load, or the blend might be magenta.

The same case is applicable for blue too. If you add too much, it will obtain a shade that will be comparable to magenta.

So, drop only a little bit of blue or violet and use the knife to mix the colors together. Once you have adequately mixed the mixture, you will end up with hot pink paint.

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How to Make Hot Pink with Water Color

If you are working with watercolors, the procedure is a little different. So, to get accurate results, follow these steps properly:

Step 1: Get Yourself a Glass of Water and Clean the Brush Properly

First and foremost, you need to clean the brush properly. So, get yourself a clear glass of water and dip the brush inside the glass.

Press the brush firmly against the bottom of the glass. That will ensure that the bristles are opened up. Then, run the brush along the rim to make the bristles release excess water.

Step 2: Drop White and Red Paint on the Palette

If you are using dry watercolors, you need to use a brush to make the color achieve a liquid form. Just dip the brush inside the water container and back to the color container.

Do this for both the white and red paint. Then, using the brush, drop a bit of red and white on the palette.

On the other hand, if you are using the colors that come in a tube, just squeeze a bit of red and white on the palette.

Also, do remember that you do not want to put too much red and white paint on the palette first. Instead, drop a bit and then add as necessary.

Step3: Add Red and White Paint into the Water Container

After you have both the colors on the palette, add a bit of red paint into the water glass. Then use the same brush to add a bit of white into the glass. You will notice that the water has turned pink. But this is the basic shade of pink.

However, if you have relied on a dark shade of red, the color will have a dark tint. To lighten up the color, use a bit more white. On the other hand, if the color is too light, add a bit of red to the mixture.

Step 4: Mix a Bit of Blue or Violet

The last step to get hot pink watercolor is to add a bit of blue or violet. But we are not going to add too much of these colors because that will make the whole thing achieve a magenta shade, which is something we do not want.

Instead of going overboard, add a brush worth of blue or violet into the mixture. Mix the blend properly with your brush and analyze the result. If the mixture has not turned hot pink, you might need to use another brush worth of violet or blue.

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How to Get Shiny Look out of Hot Pink Paint for Acrylic

If you were looking for a glamorous shade out of the hot pink paint, then you need to add another color to the mixture. Follow through the steps mentioned above for the acrylic paints, and then add a dab of silver paint into the mix.

Use the palette knife to mix the whole thing properly. Once the silver color is properly incorporated into the blend, you should end up with a glamorous version of the hot pink color. Use that to bring a different look into your painting and artwork.

You can even opt for glittery silver. That will offer a dazzling look to the pink. However, the glittery hot pink might not go that well with all of your artwork.

So, whenever you are blending this mixture, do not mix a large amount of the colors. Instead, start with a little bit and then make more if necessary.

Can I Use Silver Instead of White to Make Hot Pink Paint

Silver and white are both light colors. You can use any of the two to make a hot pink color. However, there are dull shades available for both colors.

And using those will make the blend obtain a muted shade, which might not be applicable for the masterpiece you are working with.

So, if you are trying to make hot pink paint, we would recommend using bright white shades or bright silver. Those will offer the hot nature to pink and make the color pop out.

Final Words

Now that you know the right ways to make hot pink paint, there will be really no need to utilize the regular version of the pink on vibrant artworks anymore.

However, do make sure that you follow the steps properly, or else you might end with the regular version or dull version of hot pink.

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