The 9 Best Garage Door Paints Options for 2023

Every homeowner wants their garage door to look impressive and attractive. It needs to blend well with the rest of the external décor, or the whole outdoor area will look out of place and less welcoming. So, when our garage door paint looked old and grey, we started looking for the best garage door paint options.

Best Garage Door Paint

However, getting one of them is easier said than done. There are loads of options out there, and not all of them can enhance the aesthetics, nor can they resist scraping, flaking, and peeling that well.

But we did not give up that easily! We tested and compared all of the promising options and eventually stumbled upon the ones that are actually worth it.

Top 9 Best Garage Door Paint Options Reviews for Wooden & Metal Garage Doors

Testing the available was not easy. We had to apply multiple coats of them to our garage doors and scrutinize each properly. And in all of those scrutinizations, these are the ones that stood out the most:

1. Wood Look Paint Kit for Garage Doors

One of the things that most of the paint manufacturer fails to check is an easy application process. However, that is not the case for this offering that is from Giani.

Wood Look Paint Kit for Garage Doors

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This one has a hassle-free two-step process. And after application, the paint transforms flat, embossed, and raised panels in just three hours.

Due to it being water-based, it has a higher coverage rate too. The whole kit can cover up to 180 square feet. Also, it does not have a high amount of odor or VOCs.


  • Has a two-step application process
  • Dries quickly
  • Covers up to 180 square feet
  • Odor level is low
  • Low VOC


  • Walnut color option has a deep purple off-tone
  • Can not withstand extremely low temperature that well

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It has an easy application process. Also, it has a low VOC and odor level. And it does not even take that long to dry up.

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2. Rust-Oleum 239073 Hammered Metal Finish, Brown

If you are a bit familiar with the paint market, you might already have heard about Rust-Oleum. And this specific product can explain why they are so popular.

Rust-Oleum 239073 Hammered Metal Finish, Brown

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Unlike some random paints, it can resist weather exceptionally well. It even protects the exterior surface from corrosion.

The formula is oil-based, and the protective coating it creates will last for an extended amount of time. This formula takes only two to four hours to dry up as well. And each of the buckets can cover up to 100 square feet.


  • Can resist harsh weather
  • Protects from corrosion
  • Creates a long-lasting protective layer
  • Dries within four hours
  • Each container can cover up to 100 square feet


  • Viscosity is a bit high
  • A bit hard to work with regular brushes

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The paint can resist harsh weather exceptionally well. It dries quickly, and each tub can cover a good amount of surface.

3. POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating- Semi-Gloss Black Stop Rust & Corrosion Permanently

While multiple paints will offer a good finish on the garage doors, only a couple can provide proper protection from rust. And this offering is one of them.

POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating- Semi-Gloss Black

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Basically, the formula creates a moisture barrier on the surface. It protects the doors from rust and corrosion. Also, the paint is non-porous and does not react to chemicals.

It even comes in five different color options. And none of them requires extra preparation before application. The formula can also repel oils and fuels.


  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Non-porous
  • Does not react to chemicals
  • Available in five different color
  • Requires no extra preparation


  • Tubs are not that easy to open
  • Might turn a bit bubbly after drying

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This paint creates a moisture barrier that properly protects the door from rust. Moreover, it is non-porous and non-reactive to chemicals.

4. RUST-OLEUM 03101 Mildew Performance Exterior Paint for Garage Doors

Another stellar product from RUST-OLEUM is this paint that we are going to talk about. It has a lot to offer for the money.

RUST-OLEUM 03101 Mildew Performance Exterior Paint for Garage Doors

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Firstly, it offers a satin finish type. That finish will alleviate the overall look of the door and make it aesthetically pleasing. Also, the whole kit is pretty easy to use and apply.

Alongside that, the formula holds the ability to resist mildew. It also creates a durable protective layer on the exterior. And it can even resist molds.


  • Offers a satin finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Resists mildew
  • Creates a long-lasting protection layer
  • Prevents mold


  • Can not cover stains that properly
  • Might require primer

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It can protect the door from mildew and molds. The application process is also pretty simple and straightforward.

5. KILZ Exterior Barn Paint, White,1 Gallon

Want something that has high coverage and can offer higher protection from elements at the same time? Check out this offering from KILZ!

KILZ Exterior Barn Paint, White,1 Gallon

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The most highlighting thing about this paint is the coverage. One gallon can cover approximately 200 square feet. And it dries up within two to three hours. Once it dries up, it will offer an attractive finish that will make the door look appealing.

This paint can also protect the door from cracking, blistering, and peeling. As it is a water-based formula, the adhesion rate is high as well.


  • Can cover up to 200 square feet
  • Quickly dries up
  • Offers an attractive finish
  • Protects from cracks and peeling
  • Has a high adhesion rate


  • Might turn a bit too matte when dried up
  • Red color option is more like orange than red

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The paint has high coverage. It can also offer protection from cracking and blistering.

6. Rust-Oleum 238311 Door Paint

One thing that most of the door paint options can not check is versatility. However, if you were looking for one, keep this one in your consideration.

Rust-Oleum 238311 Door Paint

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The paint is compatible with metal, fiberglass, and wooden doors. And it can offer proper protection on all of the door types. The oil-based formula is highly durable as well.

Even the rust protection level of the formula is highly praiseworthy. The paint can also resist fading, abrasion, and chipping. It does not even take a long time to dry up too.


  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Creates a long-lasting protective layer
  • Dries in an hour
  • Resists chipping and fading
  • Offers a high level of rust protection


  • Smells a bit odd
  • Not that easy to work with

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The fact that it is compatible with all types of doors is pretty amazing. It even creates a highly durable protective layer.

7. Giani Wood Look Paint Kit for Front & Interior Doors

The manufacturer Giani does have an extensive lineup of worthy paints. Like the previous offering we looked at, this one is offering loads of things for the money.

Giani Wood Look Paint Kit for Front & Interior Doors

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It will add curb appeal to the exterior of your home in just four hours. And the paint adheres exceptionally well to all types of door materials. Even the application process is pretty simple.

This formula integrates quick-dry technology. And it pairs well with most of the type of door hardware.


  • Integrates quick-dry technology
  • Needs only four hours to dry up
  • Adheres properly on different types of surfaces
  • Blends well with door hardware
  • Has an easy application process


  • Kit contains a fairly small amount of stain
  • Does not have a high coverage rate

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It dries within four hours and blends exceptionally well with door hardware. The paint also adheres properly with all types of doors.

8. Rust-Oleum 8781502 Stops Rust Flat Aluminum Primer

Looking for something that can resist rust and harsh weather exceptionally well? This offering from Rust-Oleum is probably the one for you then!

Rust-Oleum 8781502 Stops Rust Flat Aluminum Primer

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The water-based formula makes the paint dry exceptionally quickly. It takes only two hours. And the flat gray finish that it creates will make the garage door look highly appealing.

It also offers an insane level of rust protection. The formula can even withstand harsh weather conditions. Its protective layer is long-lasting as well.


  • Dries reasonably fast
  • Creates an appealing grey finish
  • Rust protection level is highly praiseworthy
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Produces a long-lasting protective layer


  • Might ship in a leaking container
  • Viscosity is a bit thick

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This paint utilizes a water-based formula that dries up pretty quickly. And the weather and rust-resistant capability are highly praiseworthy.

9. Modern Masters 296681 Front Door Paint

Most of the available paint options for garage doors fade within a couple of months of application. Well, Moderna Masters had kept that in mind.

Modern Masters 296681 Front Door Paint

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It utilizes never-fade technology, ensuring that the finish remains beautiful as day one for a long time. And the smooth satin finish that it provides is easy to maintain as well.

The water-based formula is highly durable too. And it requires only 1 hour to dry up. Even the coverage rate is comparatively high. One tub can cover up to 100 square feet.


  • Utilizes never-fade technology
  • Offers a smooth satin finish
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable
  • Takes 1 hour to dry


  • Color is not that vibrant
  • Tends to bubble up a little

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The formula utilizes never-fade technology. It is highly durable and does not require that long to dry up.

Things to Consider When Buying Garage Door Paint

Going through the reviews will not be enough if you want to get something worth every penny. Alongside just going through the reviews, you need to keep these factors in your mind:


There are generally two types of formula. One is oil-based, and the other is water-based. Usually, the water-based ones will have a low VOC count. And when the VOC and other harmful substances are low, the odor level will also be pretty low. On the other hand, oil-based formulas have a higher coverage rate.

Considering that, if you do not want to deal with pesky chemical odors, we would recommend opting for water-based paints. However, the oil-based are pretty great as a cost-effective option.

Ease of Use

The application process is pretty important when it comes to paints. Usually, it all boils down to the spread rate and the viscosity. The higher the spread rate and lower the viscosity, the easier it will be to work with a specific paint. So, consider this factor if you do not want to go through extra hassles.

Drying Time

Another thing that is highly crucial for the paints is the drying time. The faster the paint dries, the quicker you will be able to work with the second or third coats. That is why many manufacturers utilize quick-drying technology. Nonetheless, you should opt for something that has a drying time of around 4 hours or less.

Shade or Finish

The primary reason for opting for paint is for the shade or finish. And if the shade or finish is not that attractive, the door will look out of place. Well, that is something that you would not want, right? For that reason, pick a shade that will blend well with the exterior décor.


Just a proper shade will not cut it; you also need to consider whether the paint can offer proper protection. Opt for the ones that can withstand harsh weather conditions, resist rust, and prevent corrosion. Without these traits, the door can get damaged over time pretty quickly.


You should also consider the durability of the paint before making a purchase. Consider whether the paint can resist chipping, cracking, and fading. If you get something that lacks these factors, the coat will not last that long. And you would need to repaint the door quite frequently.


Last but not least, consider the coverage. Usually, oil-based formulas have a higher coverage rate, but plenty of water-based paints can offer up to 200 square feet of coverage or more.

Nonetheless, without getting a high coverage paint, you would require multiple tubs for a single door. And that would not be cost-effective at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of garage doors are available?

Usually, nowadays garage doors mainly come in aluminum, wood, steel, wood composite, vinyl, and fiberglass. Normally, you can paint all types of garage doors but you don’t need to paint vinyl garage doors.

Does all door paint smell bad?

Not really! There are plenty of options out there that has a low odor level. It depends on the VOC amount. The lower the VOC level, the lower the odor will be.

Do I need to prepare the door surface to apply paint?

That will depend on the paint you are using. If it indicates that the surface needs to be sanded and prepped, you should remove all the rust and corrosion off the surface before application.

How many tubs of paint do I need for painting one garage door?

If the paint’s viscosity and spread rate are high, one decently-sized tub will be more than enough. However, if the spread rate is low and the viscosity is high, then you might require multiple tubs.

What protections does garage door paints usually offer?

Generally, they will offer protection from rust and corrosion. Some will go a step ahead and prevent molds and mildews.

Is primer required for garage door paints?

We recommend applying primer as a first coat if the garage door is bare metal, bare wood, or PVCu. That will increase the adhesion capability.

Final Words

We know that we covered quite a few paint options for garage doors. But we can assure you one thing that each one of the paints that we have reviewed is nothing but the top 9 best garage door paint options. So, you are sure to get a great finish, longer lifespan, and higher protection from each one of them.

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