How To Make Neon Green Paint: Color Mixing Guide

In many DIY projects, you may need a bright green color. In that case, neon green can be a great option. This paint shows a very bright shade of green. Many paint manufacturers offer neon green ready-made, but you can prepare it at an urgent moment using some common paints. However, it’s important to know how to make neon green paint before you go to make the paint at your home.

How To Make Neon Green Paint

Mixing bright yellow and blue colors can give you a neon green hue. Yellow, blue, and fluorescent can offer you a better result. To get different shades of neon green, blue, white, and yellow will work well.

In this guide, we will explain some more relevant things so that you don’t face hassle if you need to make neon green color by yourself.

What Colors Make Neon Green?

Blue and bright yellow colors can create neon green color.

You know, the color wheel is a circular diagram where all the colors are manifested in a way that we can understand the relation among the colors. You might have studied this in your kindergarten days. And if you are a painter or deal with colors so often, you must be well-known about it.

What Colors Make Neon Green

Moreover, while mixing colors to create another color, learn some basics first. There are three kinds of colors. Firstly, there are primary colors – red, green, and blue. Secondly, secondary colors are made by mixing primary colors together.

Lastly, tertiary colors are made from primary and tertiary colors. Generally, one primary and one secondary color are mixed up to get a perfect tertiary hue.

In the color wheel, you will find a neon green color between the green and yellow color spectrum. Neon green is a secondary hue as it is made by mixing two primary hues – yellow and blue.

But as the neon green is closer to the yellow than blue in the color wheel, you have to mix bright yellow with moderate blue. Such a mixture can make this vibrant color. Neon green is a very popular and attractive color nowadays. A good mixture can make the color perfect.

What Two Colors Make Neon Green?

Neon green, a strikingly vibrant color, is typically created by mixing bright yellow and vibrant green hues. Start with a small amount of bright yellow paint on your palette and gradually introduce vibrant green, blending them meticulously until the desired neon green shade is achieved.

The exact ratio of yellow to green can be adjusted to produce variations in the neon green’s intensity, but generally, a balance between these two colors will give you that unmistakable neon green glow.

Keep in mind that the specific shades may vary depending on the brand and type of paint you use, so experimentation is key to perfecting your neon green mix.

How To Make Neon Green Paint: Different Ways & Step-By-Step Guide

There are several ways to make neon green paint. The procedure may vary depending on the task. For example, the procedure for making neon green paint that will be applied to paper will be different from neon green paint that will glow in the dark.

So, let’s take a look at some step-by-step methods.

Method 1: Making Neon Green Using Blue and Bright Yellow Paint

Here are the things you will need before getting started:

  • Bright yellow paint
  • Blue paint
  • Paint chips
  • A small bowl
  • A stirring stick or paintbrush

After collecting all the stuff, we are ready to start.

Step 1: Pour the blue paint

First, put some blue paint on the bowl. Any blue paint will do the work; however, you should choose the shade that falls in the middle of the blue spectrum. Also, you should avoid using blue paint that has a slight shade of purple or green in it. You can use the paint chips for a clearer idea.

Step 2: Note everything down

Sometimes we get our desired shade after mixing colors, but that’s quite an impossible job to replicate later because we hardly take notes of the amount of paint we added. To ensure consistency in future projects, use a spoon or similar tool to accurately measure the amount of color mixed, avoiding any issues.

Step 3: Add a bright yellow paint

Now, measure a bright yellow paint accordingly and add it to the blue paint. Make sure to pick a very bright shade of yellow. Stir the colors well using the stirring stick.

Step 4: Adjust the shade

You are more likely to not get your desired shade of neon green paint on the first attempt. That’s why you need to keep adding either of the paints, depending on the shade you get as a result. If the shade looks too bluish, you can add some yellow.

But if the shade looks too bright, you can add a bit of blue. Keep adding and mixing them until you get your desired shade. If you are unable to achieve your desired shade after putting in a lot of effort, consider starting over from the beginning.

Method 2: Making Neon Green Using Fluorescent Green Color

Here is a step-by-step guide for making neon green paint using fluorescent green color. This method is similar to the previous one, but it involves the use of fluorescent green in addition.

Step 1: Gather your materials

You will need a palette, paintbrushes, and the following colors of paint: yellow, blue, and fluorescent green.

Step 2: Mix blue and yellow paint

Start by mixing a small amount of yellow paint with a small amount of blue paint on your palette. The ratio of yellow to blue will depend on the intensity of the green color you want. Mix the colors together until you get a smooth, consistent shade of green.

Step 3: Add fluorescent green

Next, add a small amount of fluorescent green paint to the mixture. Again, the amount will depend on the intensity of the neon green color you want. Mix the colors together until you have a consistent shade of neon green.

Step 4: Test the color

Test the color by applying a small amount of paint to a piece of paper. Adjust the color as required by adding more yellow, blue, or fluorescent green paint to the mixture.

Once you are satisfied with the color, you can use the paint to create your desired artwork. Keep in mind that neon colors tend to appear differently under different lighting conditions, so it may be a good idea to test the paint in the environment where it will be displayed.

Step 5: Clean the instruments

Remember to clean your brushes and palette with soap and water once you are finished to avoid paint dryness and hardening.

Note: It’s important to note that this method of making neon green paint is not as easy as other methods as it requires fluorescence pigments or UV reactive pigments, which are not commonly found in regular paint. Some pigments are not suitable for certain surfaces as well.

Method 3: Making Neon Green with Blue, Yellow, and White

If you want to make a neon green color similar to a neon yellow Sharpie marker, you can follow the steps below. But first, take a look at the materials you will need.

  • Bright yellow paint
  • Blue paint
  • White paint
  • Painting spatula
  • Paint palette

Step 1: Take white paint

First, put some white paint on the palette.

Step 2: Add bright yellow

Now, add a small amount of bright yellow paint to the white paint. The amount of yellow should not be more than the amount of white paint. Mix them well. Divide the entire mix into two parts and keep each part separate.

Step 3: Add a tiny amount of blue paint

Now, add a tiny amount of blue paint to one part of the previous mixture.

Step 4: Mix with white paint again

Take some white paint in a fresh area of the palette again. Now add a small amount of the white-yellow mixture from the one part that you kept separate. Finally, add the blue-yellow mixture that you prepared in step 3. Mix everything well and you should see your desired color after a while.

Step 5: Adjust the color

To achieve your desired shade, you can gradually mix small amounts of each color until the desired balance is achieved.

How To Make Neon Green With Acrylic Paint: Step-By-Step Guide

Making neon green with acrylic paint is a straightforward process that allows you to infuse your artwork with vibrant energy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve this eye-catching color:

  1. Gather Your Supplies: You’ll need acrylic paints in bright yellow and vibrant green, a palette, brushes, and a mixing surface.
  2. Start with Yellow: Begin by squeezing a small amount of bright yellow paint onto your palette.
  3. Add Green Gradually: Carefully add vibrant green paint to the yellow, starting with a small amount. Mix the two colors thoroughly with a palette knife or brush.
  4. Adjust for Intensity: Continue adding vibrant green until you reach your desired neon green shade. Remember, you can always make it brighter by adding more green.
  5. Test the Color: Before using it in your artwork, test the neon green on a scrap surface to ensure it matches your vision.
  6. Use and Create: Now that you have your neon green paint, incorporate it into your acrylic artwork to add a pop of electrifying color.

With this step-by-step guide, you can easily craft neon green acrylic paint that suits your creative needs and adds a captivating touch to your projects.

How To Make Neon Green Colors With Watercolor: Step-By-Step Guide

Creating neon green colors with watercolors is a delightful process that can infuse your artwork with vibrancy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve this eye-catching hue:

  1. Gather Your Supplies: Collect watercolor paints in bright yellow and vibrant green, watercolor brushes, watercolor paper, a palette, and water.
  2. Prepare Your Workspace: Lay out your materials on a clean and well-lit workspace.
  3. Start with Yellow: Squeeze a small amount of bright yellow watercolor paint onto your palette.
  4. Add Green Gradually: Begin by adding a touch of vibrant green to the yellow. Mix them together thoroughly with a clean brush.
  5. Adjust for Intensity: Continue adding vibrant green to the yellow until you reach your desired neon green shade. Remember, you can always intensify the color by adding more green.
  6. Test the Color: Before applying it to your artwork, test the neon green on a scrap piece of watercolor paper to ensure it matches your vision.
  7. Apply to Your Artwork: Once satisfied with the color, use your neon green watercolor to enhance your painting. Remember to let layers dry before adding more for depth.
  8. Experiment and Create: Watercolors offer a wonderful opportunity for experimentation, so feel free to explore different techniques and combinations to achieve your desired neon green effect.

With this step-by-step guide, you can confidently create neon green watercolor tones, adding a dynamic touch to your artistic projects.

What Colors Go with Neon Green?

Pink goes best with neon green as its base colors are green and red. Brown, gray, blue, yellow, etc. colors suit well also.

Neon green is close to seafoam, forest, or lime green. This color gives a natural and fresh vibe. It is used in different sectors and makes a product or a thing look charming. The color is so appealing that painters or manufacturers use it frequently.

But in the case of a multicolor object, you need to choose colors that go well with it. Obviously, all colors will not look good with it. A bad collection of colors may spoil the overall look no matter how beautiful each of the colors looks! So, choosing a perfect color combination is very important in this regard.

What color would go well might vary depending on the situation or users’ personal choice. But generally pink blue or yellow is preferred with neon green. In the midst of the delightful appearance of neon green, yellow, white, or gray can equally look stunning.

If you are painting walls of your house, yellow will look captivating with neon green. The combination is applauded by experts and many house owners. Blue or white can be a good choice also.

However, if you are using this color on any other object, it can amplify the beauty of the design. A blend of neon green with pink or gray can be eye-catching! Many manufacturing companies use this lively color to capture customers’ attention.

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Final Words

Most of us don’t prefer to create paint at home because many users think it’s troublesome. That’s not a deniable statement; it’s sometimes true. No doubt, it takes time and you need to manage some ingredients as well. Though ready-made paints are available in the market, the situation can be different in some cases, and at that time, you definitely need to prepare your own paint.

So, when you’re in a situation where you need to make neon green paint at home, this guide will be handy. We have added detailed methods of making neon green.

Depending on your available ingredients and choice, you can select the convenient method and make the neon green to continue your project. But always be sure you’re careful enough to avoid mess while mixing colors.

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