How to Make Peach Paint: Color Mixing Guide

As an artist or painter, you might need to use the peach paint. But if you do not have prepared peach paint, you can make it by mixing other paints. The peach paint is one of the sweetest and softest paints you will find. And while painting, if you want to paint peach, it is best to make the paint by yourself.

how to make peach paint

But do you know how to make peach paint? To make the perfect peach paint, you require three paints – red, yellow, and white. At first, mix the red and the yellow paints. After mixing them properly, keep mixing the white paint as long as you do not get the perfect shade of peach paint. After getting the perfect peach color, it is now ready for use.

What to Know About Peach Color?

The peach color is the color of the flesh of the White Peach fruit which was originated from Eastern China. Peach paint is used for interior design, and other purposes. This color symbolizes immortality to the people of the Taoist religion and also in the Chinese culture.

The peach color is delightful. In RGB color space, its hex code is #FFE5B4. This color is a unique mixture of red, yellow, and white. It is made of 100% Red, 90% Green, and 70% Blue. Its hue angle is 39.5 degrees and its lightness is 85%.

Every color has some significance and meaning. Colors can move our emotions and feelings towards something.

Peach is a color of calmness and joy. It makes us feel pleased, and remember beautiful scenarios like the sunrise or the delicious peach fruit. Use of this color in creams, cakes, vanilla, or delicious desserts is very common because it looks beautiful and is pleasant to consumers. It is a representation of tranquility and magnificence.

Peach is also a very good color choice for house decoration. It is a dynamic color as it suits a wide range of surfaces. It gives a royal touch to the houses.

What Colors Make Peach?

What colors make peach color? Generally, Red, Yellow, and White colors make the peach. In colors, are so distinctive that they are not made of any other colors and are called primary colors. They are – Red, Green, and Blue. All the other colors are just a mixture of these three colors.

What Colors Make Peach?

The peach color is a secondary color composed of Red, Yellow, and White. The red and yellow color makes orange color. Then white color is mixed with it to lighten the color of the mixture and to look peachy. The more you put white color, the more it gets peachy. So, when the mixture looks dark, white paint is added so that a perfect peachy look can be visible.

Altogether, the amount of red should be the lowest in the mixture. While mixing yellow and red, yellow will be more in amount.

But when the mixture becomes too light adding white paint more than what is required, your mixture is not going to be in a well peach color. In that case, you need to add some red color to it. Red paint makes it darker removing the lightness made by the white paint.

What Two Colors Make Peach Color Paint?

What two colors make peach color? Usually, Pink and Yellow colors are to be mixed in equal amounts to make the peach color. Actually, peach is not a color that could be made simply of just two colors. It is generally made of red, yellow, and white.

What Two Colors Make Peach Color

Here, red and white make pink color together. So, if you have a pink color, you do not need to additionally mix red and white. Just blend the yellow color with pink and get a nice shade of peach color.

Simply then add pink paint and a dollop of yellow paint using a paintbrush. Stir them together until they become peachy. By the time the color looks good, you have got a perfect peach color with less labor!

But remember, the ratio of pink and yellow paint should be 1:1 here. That means an equal amount of yellow and pink should be mixed. Otherwise, the pain may end up in a distorted color giving you a bad experience.

How to Make Peach Paint: Step-by-Step Guide

While mixing a few paints to get a new paint, you need to go through some steps to avoid a wrong result and waste of paint and time. The following steps are the basic techniques to be followed to get the peach paint perfectly.

making peach paint

Step 01: Work on the Right Surface

Have a safe surface to avoid a cloth from being spoiled. You may arrange a table covered with your comfortable cloth or plastic sheet.

Step 02: Collect Necessary Items

Prepare the red, yellow, and white paints for the mixture. Have a paper towel for cleaning, and a paintbrush or paint palette for stirring.

Step 03: Create a Red and Yellow Mixer

Mix red and yellow to get light orange paint with a palette brush or paintbrush on a painter’s palette. As peach is lighter than the orange paint, make sure to mix comparatively more amount of yellow in this mixture.

Step 04: Add White Paint

On the orange paint, you have got just now, put a big dollop of white paint to get the peach paint. Keep stirring them together until you find the color peachy enough with a paintbrush. If you need, add more white paint to the mixture.

Step 05: Balance with Yellow

If you are not completely satisfied with the color, add yellow to make it more orange or white to lighten the color keeping the tint unchanged.

Step 06: Finalize the Paint

If you are trying to have a more rusty paint, add red paint to it. But do not add much red as that might spoil the paint.

Remember, if you make even the slightest blunder, the paint can ruin totally and you may need to repeat the whole process. So, stay focused and careful while mixing.

How to Make Peach Color Paint with Food Coloring?

Making peach paint yourself is really a fun and easy task. Generally, there are three color components – white, red, and yellow to make peach. Let’s know the process of making peach paint with food coloring.

Step 1:

Whenever you’re creating peach paint, start with a white base. That is because a white base will offer you the best outcome. To start the process, make some plain white vanilla cake batter or buttercream frosting.

Step 2:

Pour 50 drops of red food color into the vanilla cake batter or buttercream frosting whatever you are using to make peach paint. No worries. 50 drops are not too much. It’s only ½ teaspoon.

Step 3:

Now time to add yellow. Add 45 drops of yellow food color with it. If you use a spoon, just take a little less than ½ tsp.

Step 4:

Blend these two color components very well. Take a whisk to mix them properly. If you don’t have a whisk, take a spoon to do the task. When you mix them well, you will notice that they have turned into an attractive peach color. Be patient until you obtain the desired bright peach color.


Make sure to add the right amount of ingredients. An unmeasured amount can spoil your effort.

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How to Make Peach with Acrylic Paint: Step-by-Step Guide

To produce attractive peach paint, acrylic paint can be a great option because of its numerous qualities. It’s easy to apply and clean up. Moreover, it’s fast-drying and non-toxic. Let’s take a look at the procedure.

Step 1:

Take a paintbrush and dip it into the orange acrylic paint. Pour a dollop of this paint on a flat surface of your painter’s palette. In general, peach color comes from an orange hue. Take a little less orange paint than the amount of peach paint you want to create.

Step 2:

Then add red acrylic. The ideal amount of red should be 1/3 portion of the orange paint. Unify the two colors properly.

Step 3:

Now, it’s time to take the white paint. Add the same amount of white as you took the red paint. Always use your brush to add paint. Mix the three color components thoroughly.


Adding additional paint depends on whether you want a lighter or darker peach color. If you want a light shade, add more white. Add brown, black, or any other darker shade to make the paint darker.

FAQs on Making Peach Paint

Is Peach Pink or Orange?

Peach is neither pink nor orange. Actually, it is somewhere between the pink and the orange color. But it is closer to pink.

Peach is composed of red, yellow, and white. Red and yellow make the orange color. On the other hand, white and red make pink. Therefore, peach has similarities to both – pink and orange.

But due to the lightness of yellow, while mixing, peach seems pinkish to some extent. But it still has a strong resemblance to the orange color.

What Colors Make Peach Skin Tone?

If yellow and red paint which have an undertone are combined together, they make a peach skin tone. Using various color combinations, you can make the skin tone of a color.

Added white color will lighten and red color will darken the peach color. Moreover, to make the color more orange, add some yellow color to it.

What Colors Go with Peach?

The peach color goes well with navy blue, purple, white, and coral paint. It gives a magnificent look. It also suits pink, orange, yellowish green, silver, magenta, blue, and other harmonic colors.

Peaches are very soft and dynamic colors so we can match them with so many colors. This color can range from light orange to pinkish orange or pinkish yellow!

Final Words:

Peach is a color of beauty, joy, and pleasure which can be derived by mixing white, red, and yellow colors perfectly.

Little mistakes can ruin the peach paint, but a focused, careful, and competent artist or painter can make this awesome color by themselves. So, if you are looking for a nice peach paint, what about giving it a try?

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