The 5 Best Wood Floor Paint Options for 2023

Walking on a wooden floor is a feeling like nothing else. You’ll want to protect this feeling at all costs – so start with the paint. Not just any paint though, some might be harsh for the grains in the wood and have adverse effects. You gotta look for the right one and not make any compromises.

Best Wood Floor Paint

To help you get to a decision, we are going to talk about the best wood floor paint options for 2023 in this article. It’s all for you, so we have paid attention to adding all the details that you need to know in order to get the best value for your money and the best protection for your floors.

Now let’s get into it!

Top 5 Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews

If you are looking for paint that will be worth your money, then we have exactly what you need here. Keep reading.

1. KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

This is a water-based paint that consists of a single component and goes on smoothly in areas like the garage and the basement, which are difficult to paint in.

KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

The paint has a viscosity of 90 – 100 KU, about 31% of volume solids in it, and 40% of weight solids, among other chemicals for shine and pigment.

It is resistant to damage from chemicals, and it doesn’t take stains so readily either. This is really good for your floors because of its incredible adhesion, durability, and shine capacity.

Cleaning this paint is pretty easy as well. And once the paint has dried, you won’t have to worry about it scuffing, fading, or cracking away. You can use this paint on different surfaces like masonry, stone, brick, driveway floors, basement floors, porches, coated/uncoated concrete, and garage floors.

The paint has a satin texture that will dry down within 2 hours, and the second coating will take about 4 hours to dry down.

But please note that this paint is not made to be used on vertical areas – only use these for your floors.


  • Both layers dry down fast
  • Doesn’t take stains easily
  • Resistant to damage from oils
  • Suitable for a lot of different materials
  • Can cover around 400-500 sq. ft. of smooth surfaces
  • Able to cover approximately 300-400 sq. ft. of rough surfaces


  • Doesn’t have good adhesion – keeps peeling away

2. Valspar 1500 Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel

This paint goes well on all kinds of floors – whether you have wood, concrete, or metal on your floor, you can rely completely on this paint. You can also use this on railings and porches.

Valspar 1500 Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel

Once it dries, the paint becomes resistant to changes in weather and temperature. This property of being resilient gives it great versatility of use. You can paint both your indoor floors and your outdoor floors with this paint.

Feel free to walk on the floors or drive vehicles on the painted ground – nothing will cause it to budge, and this is what the company boasts about.

All 100% of this paint is made with an acrylic latex formula, and this basically means that the paint is water-based. Being water-based, you can expect this paint to be quite odorless as well.

Besides being easy on your nose and overall senses, you will see that the paint becomes completely dry and ready to take action within the first 24 hours.

The final finish will be satin so that your floors get a very luxurious sheen on them that feels great to even walk on.

To best protect the quality of the shine and the resistance of this paint, we would recommend that you put an extra layer of clear coating over it after it dries. That will just extend the lifetime of this paint and help you to cut down on any fixing/repainting expenses in the long run.


  • The pigment is quite strong
  • Applies smoothly without any hassle
  • Dries down very fast
  • Doesn’t have any odor
  • Gives a durable and strong hold


  • Can be inconsistent in performance

3. Blackfriar Polyurethane Floor Paint

This is a solvent-based paint from Blackfriar with an excellent color payoff and durable adhesion. The best property of this paint is that it dries with a hard finish that doesn’t give way to any sort of abrasions or scratches whatsoever. They are quite stable and don’t undergo changes with changing temperatures.

The light grey pigment dries down to a very luxurious finish.

But if you want other options, look into the wide-ranging palette that you can order this paint in. All pigment colors listed in the RAL, BS4800, and NCS are available for this paint. This thick paint will give your floors the most opaque color payoff.

What’s more, you can actually use this paint to layer over previously painted surfaces without any crease formation or accumulation. This paint goes smoothly on surfaces with and without a previous coat of paint.

You can use this to paint the floors both indoors and outdoors, but this paint won’t be good for driveways because it’s meant for places that get foot traffic only. The paint will start to chip off in places where heavy vehicles run, so we don’t recommend that.

Make sure that you properly stir the paint with a thinner before starting. The drying time is approximately 16 hours. To get the best outcome from this paint, use a brush or a roller. You will find this paint in pack sizes of 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 2.5 liters, and finally in the biggest value size of 5 liters.


  • Solvent-based paint that doesn’t come off easily
  • Dries down with a durable glossy and hard-wearing finish
  • Comes in a wide-ranging array of pigments
  • Available in 5 different pack sizes
  • Doesn’t stain, crack or chip off easily


  • Has a strong smell

4. Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

This is a latex-based paint with an excellent adhesive property that dries down with a matte finish. Being made with latex makes the paint easy to clean as well. Just use soap and water to lightly scrub, and any dirt will come off without putting up a fight.

The paint has a very thick consistency which makes it easy to apply on all kinds of surfaces, be it wood, metal, canvas, or even glossy ceramic. One coat will be enough for most areas. It will cover 150 sq. ft. on a single coat.

And on top of all this, we love the fact that this paint has little to no odor, and this just goes on to earn a few extra points for it. Rest assured, you won’t have to choke any toxic fumes during or after the painting procedure.

You generally don’t have to use the paint with a primer, but if you are using this on bare wood, then we would recommend you to mix it to get the best long-lasting outcome. Make sure to not compromise on the brush quality either – use a high-quality foam or synthetic brush for this paint only.

After application, the surface will become sealed just within the first 30 minutes. If you have to apply a second coat, do it 4 hours after the first coat.


  • 1 coat gives you the most opaque coverage
  • Little paint goes a long way
  • Dries with a perfectly matte finish
  • Can be used to paint all kinds of surfaces – even ceramic
  • Has excellent adhesion
  • Doesn’t have any odor
  • Latex formula is really easy to apply and maintain afterward


  • Inconsistent quality – some tubs come with paint that chips off easily and draws out surface imperfections

5. RTG Deck, Porch, & Patio Anti-Slip Paint

This textured paint has been specially formulated for areas that have heavy traffic. It is a water-based polyurethane paint formula that goes well on masonry, wood, and concrete.

The paint is great for outdoor application because it has a UV-stable formula that doesn’t fade away under harsh climate conditions. This is why it is particularly marketed to be used on areas such as porches, patios, decks, ramps, and so on.

Their paint is marked “anti-slip,” which basically means that it is very resilient and can take a lot of pressure without wearing out, chipping off, or losing surface quality.

Also, the paint is very eco-friendly, and it has little to no odor. It is safe to use as well because it has very few VOCs, and thus it won’t cause any health-related problems for anyone.

If you are using this to paint a smooth surface, use a foam roller that is about ¼ to ⅜ inches. For rough surfaces that call for a deeper texture, use a foam or nap roller that is ½ to ¾ inches in size.

You don’t have to use any primers with this. Even without the primer, the quality of the paint is such that it’s really easy to clean with the use of soap and water alone.

The paint is very durable, easy to apply, has a great color payoff, and is particularly excellent for outdoor use.


  • Has very few VOCs
  • Dries up fast
  • Non-skid paint that is great for outdoor use
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Water-based paint that dries quickly
  • Can be used to create both smooth and rough textures
  • The formula stays stable under harsh UV rays and other weather challenges


  • Doesn’t have good coverage
  • Takes a lot more paint for each sq. ft. than is claimed by the company

Things To Consider When Buying Floor Paint for Wooden Floors

No, it’s not just about the color or the shine. There are some other factors that contribute to the quality of your paint, and you’re going to learn all about them below.


This is a measure of how thick the paint is. Higher viscosity values mean thicker fluids and lower values mean thinner fluids.

The thickness of the fluid will determine how it interacts with a surface. If your paint is too thick, then it won’t stick to the surface – there will be a lot of resistance.

With paint that is too thin, you won’t get good coverage on your surfaces as the paint will get into the crevices and look uneven when it dries. It is, therefore, important that you take this into consideration when choosing your paint.

As a general rule, if your paint is at least 100 CPS, or 40KU, then it will perform satisfactorily via methods of spraying, brushing, and roll coating.


By this, we mean volatile organic compounds. These are chemicals that emit vapors and gases which are toxic when inhaled. If your paint has VOCs, then there’s no way that you could avoid inhaling it. The gases are constantly released – even when the paint is dry.

When they enter your body, they can cause a plethora of health issues in you. Problems might start small, like headaches, throat aches, eye aches, so on- and they can become severe enough to cause damage to your liver, kidneys, and central nervous system.

When your paint has VOCs, you will have difficulties breathing inside the room. So, either make sure that they aren’t present in your paint at all, and if they are, ensure they are in tiny amounts.

According to the EPA, the label “Low VOCs” is assigned to flat and latex paint that contains less than 250g/l. These are safe, and the label is also for oil-based paint that is no more than 380 g/l.
And the “No VOCs” label is only given to paint that has less than 5g/l.

Volume Solids

Volume solids refer to dried paint. Basically, when the paint is wet, it has paint thinner and additives in it.

As the paint dries, these compounds evaporate, and the remaining compounds settle onto the surface, creating that hard coat of paint that is visible. Volume solids are what remain after the paint dries. This is basically the pigment and the resin (binder).

If you want the paint to be very opaque and cover a large surface area with a small amount, then look for paint that has a high amount of volume solids.

Also, note that expensive paint usually has more volume solids than cheap paint. And paints with higher volume solids usually have a low amount of VOCs. Thus, you might as well pay more to get two benefits in one tub of paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a paint primer?

A primer is applied to a surface before the first layer of paint goes over it. The role of the primer is to smoothen out the surface texture and make the surface more receptive to the pigment.

Do I have to prime the whole surface before painting?

This is recommended but not always necessary. Sometimes spot-priming will do the trick if you’re painting over a previously painted wall.

What precaution measures should I take before starting to paint?

Make sure that you are painting in a well-ventilated space. Otherwise, the paint fumes will give you a headache. Use goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and skin from the paint.

How do I prevent brush streak marks when painting?

You need to have a high-quality brush and use good techniques while painting. Follow the direction of grains in the wood while painting.

Can I sand between coats to ensure smooth layering?

Yes, this is actually a very good trick to get a smooth finish with your paint. Use sandpaper with a fine grit to lightly sand each coat after it dries.

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Final Words

This article was written with the best interest of your money and your wood floors in mind. We hope we have covered all the points you needed to know in order to choose from the best wood floor paint options.

Thanks for staying with us till now. We hope you have shiny floors 365 days, 24/7!

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