How Long Does Chalk Paint Take to Dry: A Complete Guide

Chalk paints are one of the popular refinishing and painting products available in the market. And just like any other paint, painters can get the best overall results if they handle it properly.

How Long Does Chalk Paint Take to Dry

And if you do not know how long does it take to dry, doing multiple coats on a project will be a hassle. But you will not have to worry anymore because we know exactly know how long it actually takes for the chalk paint to dry.

Wondering how did we acquire that knowledge? As a team of painters, we handled numerous projects that included chalk paint. And we will describe all that we know regarding the topic in this article. So, if you want to acquire in-depth knowledge regarding the matter, stick till the very end.

So, How Long Does Chalk Paint Take to Dry?

Would you believe us if we told you that chalk paint dries almost instantly? Well, yes, it does. It will dry to the touch within minutes of application. If you touch the coat after about half an hour, you will not have any chalk paint transfer on your fingers. However, that does not mean that you can apply a second layer instantly.

Before attempting to apply a second coat of chalk paint, you should leave the first coat to dry for at least a couple of hours. If you apply the second coat instantly, you will pull off the first coat and make a mess. And do not think that we are stating that out of nowhere; we actually have experienced this scenario.

In some cases, a couple of hours will not even be enough. Yes, if the environment you are handling your project is not adequate, the first coat can take about a day to dry properly. And you already know by now that if you apply an additional coat on a layer that is not dried correctly, the whole project will look like a mess.

So, in a nutshell, you would leave the chalk paint dry for at least 24 hours before attempting to apply an additional layer. However, if the working environment has good airflow, a couple of hours will be good enough.

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How Long Should You Wait Before Adding a Top Coat?

Topcoats are usually applied at that moment when you are fully satisfied with the coverage of the paint, right? Well, as a chalk paint stockist, we recommend waxing the project before applying the topcoat. It offers the luster and shines that most of the projects demand. Also, it does a proper job of protecting the coats.

However, you do not really have to rely on wax if you do not want to. We did test loads of topcoats and scrutinized the results they offered. And guess what? Each of them provided a varying effect. But all of them did do a great job of protecting the chalk paint because they were all top-notch topcoats.

Nonetheless, let us get back into the topic we have in our hands right now. No matter what topcoat you use, you would want to wait the same amount of time as you did in between the coats. That means if you waited for about 6 hours in between each coat, you need to wait for 6 hours before applying the topcoat.

On that note, we usually wait for at least 12 hours to be on the safe side. That amount of time ensures that all of the coats are dry to the bone and the surface accepts the topcoat flawlessly.

Will the Chalk Paint Dry Instantly After Applying the Topcoat?

So, you have applied a top coat and waited for a couple of hours for it to become dry. Now, the whole project must be ready for use, right? Well, not exactly. The matter is not that simple as it seems. And this is precisely why the drying matter confuses and frustrates a lot of painters.

After you apply the topcoat can take days or even two weeks for the project to become ready to use. And the curing time will highly depend on the quality and the type of paint and topcoat you are using. Some will take comparatively less amount of time to dry, while some will take weeks to cure.

Talking from experience, we have experienced the paint coming right off even after we left the whole thing to cure for at least two days. And we really do not want you to go through the same experience. So, to be on the safe side, we would recommend you to be gentle with your projects for at least two weeks.

What Is So Special About Chalk Paint?

After going through the segments we mentioned above, you might wonder why people use it if this paint takes this time to properly cure. Well, we plan to answer precisely that question in this segment.

First of all, chalk paints tend to leave a matte finish on the surface. The finish is almost creamy and offers a soft-to-the-touch feeling. And these two traits resemble the “chalky” finish that most of the painters talk about.

Another reason why people opt for this paint is that the paint can be lightly sanded to reveal the wood underneath. That also means if you layer multiple colors of the paint, you can make the project achieve a complex trait. But you do need to explore different sanding methods to make the project achieve that.

If you do the layering process and the sanding process correctly, it is certainly possible to make the project achieve a shabby chic appearance. And that appearance is perfect for the country home or an interior with a rustic theme going on.

Furthermore, chalk paint is fun to work with. And after working with it for a prolonged amount of time, you will notice that working with it feels easier than working with any ordinary latex paint.

How to Make Chalk Paint?

Did you know that you can make chalk paint on your own? Yes, that is certainly possible. Even we made loads of it on our own. It helped us save a good chunk of money. Nonetheless, without keeping you waiting any further, let us get into describing the procedure:

  1. Dissolve a half cup of Plaster of Paris with a half cup of warm water. Ensure that the water is warm because cold or room temperature water will not work.
  2. Mix 1-1/2 cups of latex paint into the solution. Here, you can choose any color of latex paint.
  3. When applying the paint, use a brush or a sponge. And do one coat at a time and let the layer dry for at least 24 hours.
  4. The last topcoat needs to be done with a soft finish paste wax. That will properly seal this homemade chalk paint properly. Do not opt for any other topcoat because those will not work adequately.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are still wondering how long does takes chalk paint to dry, it actually dries pretty much instantly. But if you are planning to apply more coats to the project, it will be ideal to leave the chalk paint for at least 24 hours to dry up.

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